Dutch Innovation Award by Eneco

There are many Dutch companies which develop, test and launch products and services in the field of heat pump technology. The Netherlands are innovative with this technology in different fields: building houses, offices, horticulture and industry.

Eneco would like to support the companies that create these innovations and show their appreciation via handing out the Dutch Innovation Award at the Heat Pump Conference 2017.

To compete for this award, your innovation should have been launched in the past three years (from 2014 on) or your innovation should be ready to be launched to the market soon. These innovations include technological or product innovations and everything that is associated with this. On top of that, also system innovations to improve the implementation of the technique in the environment are included for this award.

A few examples: heat pumps in zero energy buildings and renovation for space heating and tap water in offices, horticulture, supermarkets, swimming pools, industry, heating distribution, smart grids, etc.

All the nominations will be judged by the following criteria:

  • The level of innovation; how big is the leap forward in the technology or the system.
  • Impact; a.o. the size of the market where the innovation can be used, the impact on the environment.
  • The decency / defence of the market approach strategy; this to validate the impact.
  • The degree of simplicity to install, use and maintain the innovation.

How can you compete for the Dutch Innovation Award?

Send an email before 13 April with the description of your technique or system innovation (in English) to heatpump@congressbydesign.com. We would like to ask you to describe the following items (maximum length is 2 pages (A4)).

  • Description of the technique and/or system innovation in text and images.
  • Why is this innovation special compared to other (rival) techniques/solutions and what is the impact of your innovation? Think about the potential for preservation, reduction of emission, the use of sustainable infrastructure, but also the cost effectivity and user friendliness.
  • How do you present your innovation on the market (national and international)?
  • Describe the simplicity of the concept with regards to installation, use and maintenance.
  • What are the replies to your innovation?
  • How is the intellectual property arranged in patents?

An international jury will judge the nominations. The most appealing nominations will be awarded with a presentation on Wednesday afternoon, 17 May, during the 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference.

The participants of the conference will decide with the jury who will eventually win the Dutch Innovation Award. The awarding ceremony will take place during the Conference Dinner in the evening of Wednesday May 17 in the Laurenskerk, Rotterdam.

For more information you can contact heatpump@congressbydesign.com.