It is a great honour for us to organize the 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference 2017 in Rotterdam.

I personally, having participated in the conferences since 1990 and in the organisation of the 1993 conference, have experienced these conferences as a perfect forum to learn from and communicate with industry and research experts from all over the world.

The Technical Collaboration Program on Heat Pumping Technologies (HPT-TCP) operates under the IEA. Under the management of the Executive Committee representing the participating countries, the program carries out a strategy to accelerate the application of Heat Pump where they can reduce energy consumption for the benefit of the environment. Experts from participating countries collaborate in projects, called Annexes. Objectives can vary from research, development, demonstration to implementation of new technology. At the first day of the Conference six workshops are held organized by the experts from these Annexes, where experts from other Technical Collaboration Programs, like SHC, PVPS, EBC, ECES and IETS are invited to discuss such topics as Smart Energy Systems, Ground Sources and Storage, NZEB for Renovation, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps combined with Solar Energy. A challenging aspect!

For the Conference itself with 250 papers we are able to create four full tracks with sessions directly related to the work in past, running and future Annexes under the HPT-TCP. Next to a number of presentations generated by the Annexes there are many new faces to be welcomed.

At the conference the Ritter von Rittinger award, the prestigious international award in the Air Conditioning, Heat Pump and Refrigeration field, is also given.

And then of course the City of Rotterdam and the World Trade Centre! What a place to be, according to Lonely Planet, Rotterdam is in the Top 10 of cities to visit. Maybe a bit biased, as born in Rotterdam, I must agree on that. The city is also participating in the important ‘100 resilient cities’ project by the Rockefeller Centre and very active with many sustainability projects. A large section of the large new buildings, like Central Station, the Markthal and Calypso have heat pumps installed, also the World Trade Centre the venue of our Conference. Watch some of the videos we made for this website.

With participants from more than 30 countries the 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference 2017, be sure to be there!


Onno Kleefkens
NOC Chairman