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IEA Heat Pump Conference 2017

The 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference 2017 held at the World Trade Centre (WTC) in Rotterdam has been organized on behalf of the Executive Committee for the IEA Technical Collaboration Program on Heat Pumping Technologies.

This very successful conference had as theme: ‘Rethink energy, act NOW!’

No time to hesitate.

It clearly signifies the paradigm change that is needed where heat pumping technologies are available as key technology in existent and future energy systems.

What are the conference topics?

The Conference had seven workshops on the first day which were well attended. The findings of the workshops were presented at the final closing session. On the second day a number of high level speakers from IEA, IRENA and the European Commission

The very successful call for papers have generated 264 high quality papers. The Conference therewith had the unique opportunity to present four main conference tracks on:

  • Domestic applications
  • Smart Communities
  • Industrial Heat Pumps and Waste Heat
  • Sorption Technologies, Working Fluids and Non Traditional Heat Pump Systems.

Each of the sessions under the four conference tracks reflected the work undertaken in past, running and future Annexes under the IEA Technical Collaboration Program on Heat Pumping Technologies. Within those main tracks there has been attention for such topics as Air Conditioning, Supermarkets, Heat Pumps in Cold Climates and Combination with other renewable technologies.

The Conference lasting for four days was attended by 565 participants from 34 countries.

The conference set-up has been designed to maximize the discussions between participants. To facilitate interaction between participants, an extensive exhibition area has been available with 15 exhibitors.


During the Conference four awards were given:

  • Ritter von Rittinger Award
  • Best Poster Award
  • Daikin Best Student Award
  • Eneco Dutch Innovation Award

Past Conferences

This conference has been the 12th in a series of triennial conferences. Previous conferences were held in:

  • 1st Graz, Austria in 1984
  • 2nd Orlando, USA in 1987
  • 3rd Tokyo, Japan in 1990
  • 4th Maastricht, The Netherlands in 1993
  • 5th Toronto, Canada in 1996
  • 6th Berlin, Germany in 1999
  • 7th Beijing, China in 2002
  • 8th Las Vegas, USA in 2005
  • 9th Zürich, Switzerland in 2008
  • 10th Tokyo, Japan in 2011
  • 11th Montreal, Canada in 2014
  • 12th Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 2017

The next IEA Heat Pump Conference will be in Jeju, South Korea 2020