Presentations Thursday May 18

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1.7 Domestic Hot Water 2.7 Ground Sources 3.7 Industry 4.7 Gas Driven Technologies
K.1.7.1 Vapour Compression Heat Pump Technologies for Domestic Hot Water Heating
Prof. Neil Hewitt, Director, Centre for Sustainable Technologies
K.2.7.1 Fundamental Economic Analysis of Ground Source Heat Pumps Markets in North America
Denis Tanguay, Senior Energy Consultant and Market Researcher
O.3.7.1 Combined Liquid Chiller and Heat Pump Systems for Data Centre Cooling with High-Temperature Heat Recovery
Dr. Jørn Stene, COWI Norway
K.4.7.1 Latest heat pump technologies in Japan
Prof. Kiyoshi Saito, Waseda University Tokyo, School of fundamental science and technology
O.1.7.1 Performance Investigation of Indoor Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater for Canadian Winter Conditions
Dr. Alan Fung, Ryerson University
O.2.7.1 Improved performance of Heat Pumps helps to use full potential of subsurface space for Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage
Mr. Martin Bloemendal, Delft University of Technology
O.3.7.2 Integration of Heat Pumps in Industrial Processes with Pinch Analysis
Prof. Dr. Beat Wellig, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Engineering and Architecture
O.4.7.1 Design and development of a residential gas-fired heat pump
Mr. Edward Vineyard, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
O.1.7.2 Comparison of Primary Energy Consumption of Vapor and Non-Vapor Compression Natural Refrigerant Heat Pumps for Domestic Hot Water Applications
Dr. Brian Fronk, Oregon State University
O.2.7.2 Model predictive control to Maintain ATES balance using heat pump
Prof. Wim Zeiler, TU Eindhoven
O.3.7.3 High temperature thermochemical heat transformation based on SrBr2
Ms. Jana Stengler, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
O.4.7.2 ORC Driven Heat Pump Running on Gas Bearings for Domestic Applications: Proof of Concept and Thermo-Economic Improvement Potential
Ms. Violette Mounier, EPFL
O.1.7.3 Heat pump for block of flats
Mr. Jan Sedlar, Czech Technical University in Prague
O.2.7.3 District Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (DATES)
Mr. Herman Velvis, IF Technology
O.3.7.4 Performance simulation and exergy analysis on multi-stage compression high temperature heat pumps with R1234ze(Z) refrigerant
Mr. Bin Hu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
O.4.7.3 Experimental Evaluation and Concept Demonstration of a Novel Modular Gas-Driven Sorption Heat Pump
Mr. Corey Blackman, ClimateWell
O.1.7.4 Modeling and Experimental Investigations on Performance of Water Tanks in Circulating Heat Pump Water Heaters
Mr. Xiangfei Liang, Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai
O.2.7.4 A Model Predictive Framework of Ground Source Heat Pump coupled with Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage System in Heating and Cooling Equipment of a Building
Mr. Vahab Rostampour, TU Delft
O.3.7.5 Development of a thermoacoustic heat pump for distillation column
Dr. Hasan Tijani, Energy research centre of the Netherlands (ECN)
O.4.7.4 Monitoring experience of three fuel driven absorption HP systems
Miss. Marica Angela Fumagalli, Politecnico di Milano
1.8 Domestic Hot Water 2.8 Ground Sources 3.8 Industry 4.8 Technology Developments
O.1.8.1 Performance Evaluation Of A Heat Pump Water Heater By Means Of Thermodynamic Simulation
Mr. Kevin Ruben Deutz, EDF Lab
O.2.8.1 Energy and economic analysis of an integrated multi-source heat pump system for a school building
Prof. Dr. Renato Lazzarin, University of Padua
O.3.8.1 Waste Heat recovery in industrial batch processes: analysis of combined heat storage and heat pump application
Dr. Robert de Boer, Energy Research Center of The Nederlands (ECN)
O.4.8.1 Metal Wire Structures as Heat Transfer Surface Area Enlargement ? Design Study and Potential Analysis for Air-to-Water Heat Pumps
Dr. Lena Schnabel, Fraunhofer – Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)
O.1.8.2 Solar Heat Pump Standard Assessment Model
Dr. Jacob van Berkel, Entry Technology Support BV
O.2.8.2 Integration and use of manifold heat sources for brine/water heat pumps
Mr. Ralf Dott, Institute of Energy in Building – FHNW
O.3.8.2 Permanent-magnetic Synchronous Frequency-convertible Centrifugal Compressor and Heat Pump District Heating System
Mr. Bin Hu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
O.4.8.2 Sizing, manufacturing and testing of an evaporator coil for multiple air-borne heat sources
Mr. Thore Oltersdorf, Fraunhofer – Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)
O.1.8.3 European Regional Climate Zone Modeling of a Commercial Absorption Heat Pump Hot Water Heater
Mr. Michael Garrabrant, Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc
O.2.8.3 Ground-source and air-source heat pump system performance at the ASHRAE Headquarters Building
Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Spitler, Oklahoma State University
O.3.8.3 Application of an industrial heat pump for steam generation by district heating as heat source 
Dr. Tor-Martin Tveit, Olvondo Technology AS
O.4.8.3 Transient Acoustic Signatures of the GreenHP with special focus on icing and defrosting
Dr. Christoph Reichl, AIT Austrian Instiute of Technology
O.1.8.4 Experimental investigation and dynamic modeling of an air to water residential heat pump with vapor injection and variable speed scroll compressor
Mr. Bertrand Dechesne, University of Li
O.2.8.4 Dynamic Determination of Ground Thermal Conductivity and Minimum Thermal Response Test Duration Using the Line Source Model
Dr. Xiaobing Liu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
O.3.8.4 Valorization of Industrial Waste Heat bt Heat Pumps based on Case Studies of Project ENPRO
Dr. Veronika Wilk, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
O.4.8.4 Improved measurement method for heat pump noise
Mr. Ola Gustafsson, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
O.1.8.5 Experimental and Numerical Study of the Dynamic Behavior of an Air to Water Heat Pump
Dr. Carles Oliet, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
O.2.8.5 Development of Optimum Design Method for the Heat Recovery Ground Source Heat Pump System
Dr. Takao Katsura, Hokkaido University
O.3.8.5 The analysis and experimental investigation of heat pump system of R404A and R410A using thermobank and a two-phase ejector
Prof. Jong-Taek Oh, Chonnam National University
O.4.8.5 Hardware-in-the-Loop test bench setup and its application to determine seasonal performance of heat pump systems
Mr. Markus Nürenberg, RWTH Aachen University, E.ON Energy Research Center, Institute for Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Climate
1.9 Domestic Hot Water 2.9 Ground Sources 3.9 Industry 4.9 Non Traditional Technologies
K.1.9.1 The Potential and Challenges of Solar Boosted Heat Pumps for Domestic Hot Water Heating
Prof. Stephen Harrison, Solar Calorimetry Laboratory
K.2.9.1 Ground Source Heat Pumps – history, development, current status, and future prospects
Dr. Burkhard Sanner, Past President, European Geothermal Energy Council
O.3.9.1 Simulation, validation and demonstration of energetic optimization possibilities of industrial drying processes by use of a unique heat pump dryer test bench
Mr. Bruno Vanslambrouck, Ghent University
O.4.9.1 The integration of ammonia electrochemical compressor in vapor compression system
Prof. Yunho Hwang, University of Maryland
O.1.9.1 Analytical model of a multichannel double tube CO2 gas-cooler for a water heater
Mr. Kyeongsoo Song, Korea university
O.2.9.1 Improved Methodology for testing the part Load Performance of Water to Water Heat Pumps
Dr. Elena Fuentes, Catalonia Institute for Energy Research
O.3.9.2 New industrial chemical heat pump from Qpinch
Wouter Ducheyne, Qpinch
O.4.9.2 Analysis on shock waves characteristics of driving flow inside the ejector
Mr. Sung Joo Hong, The University of Tokyo
O.1.9.2 Efficiency of sanitary hot water heat pumps based on a field test
Mr. Sebastian Helmling, Fraunhofer – Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)
O.2.9.2 Nonequilibrium unsteady thermodynamic and spatio-temporal properties of ground source heat pumps
Dr. Olga Kordas, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology
O.3.9.3 High Temperature Heat Pump Integration using Zeotropic Working Fluids for Spray Drying Facilities
Mr. Benjamin Zühlsdorf, Technical University of Denmark
O.4.9.3 Development of Separate Sensible and Latent Cooling System using Electrochemical Compressor
Dr. Omar Abdelaziz, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
O.1.9.3 Comparative analysis of two subcritical heat pump boosters using subcooling in order to increase the efficiency of systems with a high water temperature glide
Dr. Emilio Navarro-Peris, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
O.2.9.3 Quantifying Systemic Efficiency using Exergy and Energy Analysis for Ground Source Heat Pumps: Domestic Space Conditioning and Water Heating Applications
Dr. Moonis Ally, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
O.3.9.4 Research on Utilization of Waste Heat and Waste Resource in a Soy Protein Powder Plant
Prof. Baolong Wang, Tsinghua University
O.4.9.4 An overview of advancements in electrochemical compressor driven heat pump systems
Mr. Bamdad Bahar, Xergy Inc.
O.1.9.4 Performance analysis and optimization of wrap-around condenser in an air source heat pump water heater system: Numerical and experimental investigation
Mr. Haijian Zhou, Tongji University
O.2.9.4 Rebuilding Christchurch – Using Ground Source Heat Pumps
Mr. Brian Carey, GNS Science
O.3.9.5 Application of water-circulation type heat pump to lumber drying system
Mr. Takenobu Kaida, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
O.4.9.5 Energy Performance of a Liquid Desiccant and Evaporative Cooling-Assisted 100% Outdoor Air System with Cascade Liquid Desiccant System Operation
Mr. Joonyoung Park, Hanyang University
Plenary Closing Session, Best Poster Award and Workshop presentations