Prof. Kiyoshi Saito


2014                 Vice dean of school of fundamental science and engineering, Waseda University
2014                 Visiting professor of University of Indonesia
2011                  Visiting professor of University of the Philippines
2008-Present    Professor of Waseda University
2002- 2008       Associate professor of Waseda University
1997                  Dr. Eng. (Waseda University)


  • Managing director, Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers
  • Vice chairman of division of environmental engineering, Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Vice president of E2 division , International institute of refrigeration
  • Editor of international journal of air-conditioning and refrigeration (SAREK)
  • ASHRAE, Member
  • Chairman of investigative commission of hot water supply system measurement method (Agency of energy)
  • Special committee member of ministry of economy, trade and industry
  • Committee member of JIS revision for room air-conditioner
  • Technical committee member of NEDO


  • Performance analysis of solar cooling absorption air-conditioning system
  • Performance analysis of desiccant air-conditioning system
  • Development of hybrid type liquid desiccant air-conditioning system
  • Development of general purpose energy simulator “Energy flow+M”
  • Heat transfer enhancement of the absorber and evaporator of the absorption type refrigerator
  • Transient simulation of the refrigerator – absorption and compression type refrigerator
  • Evaporating heat transfer of micro channel heat exchanger


  • Best paper award, Japan society of refrigeration and air-conditioning engineers, 2010,2012.
  • Best technical award of Japan society of mechanica,l engineering, 2012.